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    Drying Figs

    Fig is famous for its abundant nutrition and as a good medicinal material for dietary therapy. It is very effective in strengthening our stomach, purging our intestines, removing toxic substances and edema and very edible to people with diseases such as dyspepsia, inappetence, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, coronary heart diseases, arteriosclerosis, cancers and constipation. Moisture content in fig is up to 78%, exiting in three forms free water, colloid water and combined water. Free water and colloid water account for a majority of water removed in the drying process.

    How to dry fig with DRYTECH dryer

    Hold the temperature at 65-75°C for 3-5 fours. Raise the temperature to 50-55°C which shall be held for 16 hours and then to 55-60°C for one hour. The entire process takes 19-20 hours. Note: Make sure that the hot air supply is available all the time and is recorded on an hourly basis.

    The drying effect

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